Thinkific Review [2020]

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

Thinkific review

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The internet is filled with a number of online course training programs designed to help solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Thinkific platform has been described as one of the best options in the market, bringing in major profits to both small and large corporations globally.

The site is about sales funnel and page builders and is quite ideal for a cloud learning management system or LMS (otherwise known as a hosted LMS platform).

The Thinkific tool was designed with the aim of involving the audience in a unique learning experience. Over the years, the site has gained a lot of momentum and users as well as learning revolution readers have always expressed satisfaction in using the site.

If you are in search of a site that can provide hosting for your web pages, your courses, an automatic enrollment system for your clients and a simple method for collecting your payments without any kind of technical hitch, Thinkific should definitely be on your radar.


To create a suitable and informative online course, it is imperative that you have the right features and tools for your course. Some of the tools that are quite important include audio and video equipment like a camera, video screen capture software, a tripod stand and proper editing instruments. The most vital tool that you will need as you launch your online course the right program for selling your online course.

There are a number of online platforms that you can choose to host your course program and Thinkific is one of them. This online course platform allows you to create, design, market, sell and maintain your courses online.

The platform allows users to create sales pages as well as course pages. There is an advanced drag and drop theme that you can personalize to match the appearance and mood of your company.

Thinkific allows its users to easily register students for the online course program. The advanced features allow users to track their student progress by giving you a comprehensive list and report of the student’s assessments. It is also inclusive of e-commerce functions.

The site gives students the option to pick and drop units in your course which is great because all students, especially those who are paying using the monthly subscription option, will have a reason to keep coming back to the course ensuring that they have fully completed the program.

Thinkific supports a vast number of file types including HTML, pdf, audio, video, quizzes and various surveys. Lessons can easily be created and supervised completely from audio or video files, and tools such as notes and other handouts can be made accessible for students to download from within the course.

Thinkific review

Other external resources include Typeform, Articulate and Storyline. Users also benefit from having full access to HTML and CSS improving the visual and aural design of your page as well as giving your page more structure.

The site’s ability to support multiple software integrations and plugins gives users a lot of access to automatic course content translation, analytics, advertising, marketing automation and so much more. Users can supervise their clients and students as well as sell their company’s course offering coupons and the affiliate program.

This feature helps users greatly in marketing the site and achieving more sales. Thinkific is home to a number of significant course creators such as York University, Intuit and also Hootsuite.

The site’s seamless tools and features get rid of all of the tedious work that you would have to handle from your end. Users globally have described the site as one of the best platforms for those who would prefer to have full control over the design of their online course.

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Who would really benefit from Thinkific?

Users with very little to no experience on how to run an online business should really consider using Thinkific. Experienced users often compose and set up their preferred domain name using the hosting site. They will then create and design every page on their website on their own.

Those with little to no experience can take advantage of Thinkific tools and features. All you need is a registered domain name or an email marketing automation tool.

You can begin by choosing your most preferred domain name on the hosting site. From there you can create and design each and every page of your online course on the Thinkific website.

thinkific page editor

It is advisable to direct your Thinkific site to your own domain name. If you fail to do so, your entire website will be created on the Thinkific platform and your website will have a subdomain like your This is not advised. It will most definitely confuse your clients, especially when you make the choice to start using your own domain name.

The platform has been designed with advanced features that have been set up to empower and support anyone as they build and deliver remarkable courses on their own branded website. Thinkific offers everything that you will need to get your online course to start running quickly and easily.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of well-known course creators who enjoy using Thinkific. Anyone can sign up and join a large number of other teachers, lecturers, consultants, experts, authors, speakers, trainers, couches, professional associations and other companies.

Why use Thinkific?

There are a vast number of online platforms that could easily play host to your website, however, Thinkific is one of the best platforms in the market today. This all in one distinctive platform can allow anyone to quickly build, design and deliver courses and units that are one of a kind.

During the installation process, WordPress LMS plugins, as well as other cloud learning management systems, require a lot of technical work and design up-front. Users must also continue to be engaged in more maintenance work on their website.

The Thinkific features work by decreasing your tech responsibilities. This frees up a lot of your time allowing you to market more vigorously, create more appealing content or simply relax.

Whether your goal is to sell your courses, educate your clients, to earn a sustainable amount of income, or to simply grow and promote your brand, Thinkific not only makes it possible, it also makes it so easy.

Learning Management System

thinkific learning management system

Thinkific operates with a one-of-a-kind Learning Management System (LMS). This cloud LMS platform hosts all your pages and content for you, giving you all the tools that you will need to create, design, market and sell your own online units and courses.

You can upload or embed any kind of content whether in video format or audio format to different kinds of multimedia presentations. The design tools are so easy to use, allowing you to easily customize your course and your website.

You can interact with your students and clients while following up on their course work to boost and improve their learning experience. Use different drag and drop tools to design and customize your website.

To provide your students with an optimal study routine, you can integrate your course work with the hundreds of other software offered and in turn, you will create an amazing online course.

If you have already created your own domain name, you can set it up to allow the Thinkific pages to be forwarded to your domain name. If you are running your business and you are low on funds, you don’t need to worry because you don’t really need separate hosting to continue operating any of your websites.

Thinkific Support

Thinkific offers excellent support right on their very informative website. You can easily search and browse through the Thinkific website to find a number of case studies, clients and testimonies from a number of customers who have created successful online training programs and units with Thinkific.

The resource page has product demos that you can try without even having to sign up for a payment plan. There is also a nice explanatory blog post with a number of in-depth tutorials that can conduct you as you continue to use the platform. You can also access free video training from Thinkific’s website, as well as the links to the Thinkific social media website.

For more personalized direct support, Thinkific has a Help Center that also comes with a comprehensive guide that will help you get started. There is also a training section and a community section.

The Facebook groups, as well as the community forums, are quite active saturated with a number of different beneficial conversations from the clients and support docs. These forums will definitely help you with any support that you require.

The support docs are active in sending friendly emails as they encourage you to get started right after you have signed up. They also send informative emails that are your best bet for finding comprehensive solutions to the problem you could be facing.

Thinkific also has a contact form. This form is used to position you in the ticketing queue. As soon as it’s your turn, you will be provided with all the support and guidance that you need.

If you choose the business payment plan, you will be prioritized in getting support you need. The support docs really look out for their clients and the guidance and the support given is quite impressive.

You don’t need to acquire a lot of technical knowledge to use Thinkific. The Thinkific website is a very easy-to-use platform and even those who are not so versed with technical website features will find the site quite simple. You do not necessarily require any advanced technical knowledge.

As earlier mentioned, the resource page has demos that are meant to train you and guide you through using the platform and customizing your own course program. There is also the in-depth blog post and tutorials that guide you through different features and uses of the platform.

Reviewing the Thinkific tutorial is a great idea so that you can be able to build your own training program and course easily and professionally. The sales pages of the platform look very nice and appealing showing you how you can also design your own course work. Again, If you have not yet set up your course program or course work, Thinkific can easily create each and every one of your pages.

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Recommendations while using Thinkific

You can sign up with Thinkific and use the platform as your own subdomain. Thickific can create and customize all of your pages giving you your most preferred look and feel. Using Thinkific also gives you time to market and promote your course program, building an optimal web presence.

Alternatively, you can customize your own domain name. This is great in allowing you to build your own brand without having to use the Thinkific subdomain as your main site.

If you already have your own website and your own domain name, not only will you benefit from all the great features and customize options from Thinkific, you can also use the platform to point to your website, boosting your online presence. Thinkific also has an Email marketing automation tool feature that is highly recommended to all of the users.

Thinkific Features and How they Benefit you

The best online course building platforms are generally formulated with the best features that will benefit you from start to finish. This is inclusive of the course building routine, the promotion and marketing steps, the selling and the supervision between teachers and students.

This online course building platform does not feature courses on your own site. Instead, Thinkific plays host to all of your content and gives you the power to customize and control every element of your website.

If you compare the Thinkific platform to other websites, you will notice that Thinkific definitely gives users more freedom over the design, branding and functionality of their own course.

Drag and Drop Editor

thinkific drag and drop builder

Over the years the Drag and Drop editor design has grown quite popular among software creators and users. This is because it is one of the best tools that should be used to easily design your website and it does not even require any kind of technical knowledge. This course designer is part of the reason why the Thinkific design is just right.

This drag and drop builder is so easy to use and users do not have to re-arrange any code if they do not want to. As you stack your course content and move it around the platform, the editor still leaves all of your information and content neat and organized.

With this builder, you can easily design all of the pages of your course as well as all of the handouts that your students will download. Professional designs will easily attract all of your readers and make them enjoy the learning experience.

Thinkific supports the transfer and upload of content in any media type. Content in HTML, pdf, audio, video, Typeform, Articulate and storyline format can all be uploaded into the website. This is great as it provides students with a large number of different learning resources.

A number of customers worry that some learning files may be too large for the platform or the different multimedia learning tools may make the platform run slowly. The Thinkific platform was designed to host such media files and there cannot be any technical hitch on your server.

The drag and drop feature is also great to use as you customize your course website. It offers some fun editing tools that you can use when creating different color schemes, logos and banners. You can do all this without messing up any of the codes.

Course Templates

Thinkific has a great feature that will walk you through your new course by using templates. The templates are so easy to create and they have completely simplified the web-page building process.

As you create your course work using the Thinkific platform you will be offered a number of template options that you can use depending on the type of course that you are creating as well as your personal preference and style.

Some of the templates offered include blank, flagship course, mini-course, digital download, webinar replay, membership resource library and the pre-sell, template. The online training courses are quite beneficial in guiding you and giving you helpful advice that you can use when trying to choose a course structure that would be most suitable for you.

Each of the templates can be customized and they are all quite diverse. It is important to pay special attention and take extra time when designing the templates that will be featured in your course program.

Student Management and Communication Modules

The Thinkific platform offers unique communication tools that assist in stimulating the fast and smooth transmission of information between the course trainer and the students. The student management area has the pictures of the students, the names of the students, all their contact information and the details of how far they have come in their course.

This feature gives you the option to either send customized emails to each of the students or start a new conversation with every student who is taking part in the course. Being able to communicate with all your clients and allowing them to smoothly communicate with you is very important.

This feature is great as it guarantees a higher return on investment. You will be able to easily follow up with your students. You will also identify what factors in your course work you may need to change and you can find out what students you should focus on to help them pass the course.

This feature also allows you to follow up with anyone who could have visited and exited your website. You can use the communication tool to attract them back to the site.

Incentives play a major role in the learning environment and are often used to encourage and applaud learners. Thinkific offers the user report cards and completion certificates that he or she can send out to the students.

Thinkific sends out emails to the students with course material, mobile optimization and language controls. Students who are enrolled in courses that are hosted on the Thinkific platform are guaranteed to always feel right at home.


There are a number of online platforms with hidden fees and contracts, however, Thinkific is not one of them. Thinkific offers a free plan for beginners and other users who want to test out the platform and the various features without any limitations.

The free plan helps you launch and customize your website as well as build your online presence without paying a coin for it. This plan can also attract a number of students and before you know it you may have a successful student base. There is also a free trial for the more advanced plans.

The pricing of the Thinkific platform is broken down into four payment plans.

The starter package is absolutely free. You can use all the key and basic Thinkific features by using this platform. This payment plan has a high 10% transaction fee, tools for everything that you may need to create, design, market, promote and sell your courses.

Users can get access to unlimited courses, course upsells, hosting your content, basic integrations on the website, PayPal support and instant access to all your funds.

The 10% transaction fee for the starter package allows beginners and all other users to launch a professional online store even without any capital or funds. Once you start earning then your transaction fee will cut down as well.

The Essentials package costs $49 per month. With this package, you can receive all the core and starter features. The transaction fee for this payment plan is 5%. It also comes inclusive is coupons, promotions, course bundles, monthly subscriptions, drip content, basic Zapier, a student emailer feature, affiliate reporting, your own custom domain name and additional course prices.

The Business plan costs $99 per month. This will get you all the basic and starter features of the Thinkific platform. There is no transaction fee for this plan.

You will also get to use the completion certificates, private and hidden courses, a host storyline, intermediate Zapier, site while label in, webhooks, advances access to HTML/CSS editing software and priority support. Users get access to three-course admin accounts, an onboarding call system, instructor payout reporting, a direct infusion soft integration and payment plans.

The advanced payment plan is the priciest option on the list. For $279 per month, you will receive the core and starter features of the Thinkific platform. There is no transaction fee and you get access to three site admin accounts, a single sign-on otherwise known as SSO, an onboarding specialist, an onboarding package, 10-core admin accounts, a public API, advanced Zapier and advanced integrations.

The Thinkific platform allows you to use Paypal and Stripe option to accept the payments from your students. What’s more, there is no holding period with your money. Once you have been sent the money, you will be able to withdraw between 1 to 2 business days.

What Other People Think of Thinkific

The Thinkific platform is really valued in the industry as it enables everyone to easily manage assessments and gather feedback about the course that you are offering. Thinkific offers comprehensive course analytics and tracking.

This feature is great as users get to be given real-time feedback that contains important information that will let you know what area you could improve on and what course requires some upgrades.

The value and worth of your course does not only depend on the content your providing but the method which you choose to deliver this information. The interactive exercises that you offer on the platform play an important role in helping students absorb the content of your course.

The Thinkific design offers users a number of interactive activities that they can include in their course for the purpose of enjoyable taking in information while handling projects and assignments.

People also really enjoy the user-friendly nature of Thinkific. When it comes to creating your course, you can easily navigate the platform while uploading and arranging your content. All content creators love how it is so easy to navigate and so flexible.

I use Thinkific because it’s the best online learning platform. It enables me to interact with my students, answer their questions, see how they’re doing - all without having to worry about building that technology for myself

Kim Werker

Thinkific provides relatively few choices for designing your courses and site, which makes for an uncomplicated process. If you have several courses it's fairly easy to learn and apply. It's great to be able to copy a lesson and then The instructions in Help are straightforward in most instances.Support can offer thoughtful work-arounds to frustrating issues. If you're used to greater choice in design, reporting and search functions, Thinkific's limitations are frustrating. Uploading content is minimal and would be a welcome addition. We contacted html-coding freelancers to improve our site and would have preferred to have options to make these changes ourselves. Support usually only gives basic answers even if you are prepared to do extra work. They don't seem to have a knowledge base to review as I've had different answers to the same question.

Sharon H

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Factors to Consider When Creating Your Online Course with Thinkific

Your Course Topic

It is very important to choose a creative and detailed course topic that will represent what your course is all about. A creative course topic will attract and engage your students.

With the platform you can choose from an endless list of possible course topics such as, stirring up your favorite meal, how to beautifully decorate your home, writing creative stories, overcoming the demise of a person you love.

Make sure that you also love the name that you choose for your topic. Building course content for something that you are very passionate about will help you enjoy creating content that everybody will benefit from.

Does Your Course Content Have High Market Demand?

This is one of the most vital factors that must be put into consideration. You need to do your research and make sure that there is a high demand for the content that you are creating. A number of course creators in the industry think that if there is a lot of competition in a certain topic area, then the content they create in that area will not really sell.

On the contrary, it is better to create content from a topic with a lot of market than investing weeks building a course that does not really have a lot of demand.

There are three main factors that you need to ask yourself while creating content. You need to find out if there are people talking about that certain topic or idea. Additionally, you need to find out if people are asking questions about your course idea.

Finally, you need to do your own research and check if there is a gap in what other competitors in the market are offering. If the content that you are selling is a hot topic amongs users and your work has additional information than what is out there, then your course will really sell and you will definitely reap the benefits from all the profit.

Your Course Content

When gathering your course content, it is important to select all the information that would also be found in encyclopedias, books and also hard drives. This is to make sure that you do not leave out any little bit of information that could be quite necessary and will also help you filter out the unnecessary stuff from your course.

As you are selecting and arranging your course material, you must ensure that users burning questions can be easily answered and the material offered will fill in gaps that your competitors have left out.

What is Your Course Plan and What Module will you use?

While selecting your course material and arranging your plan, you will have to make a decision on the themes, tips and ideas that you will use. Thinkific is very versatile and easy to use.

Users can choose to create a lovely interface that will represent the content that they are offering. There are logical modules that you can select that will allow you to arrange your course plan in a progressive sequence.

Determine the Best Way To Deliver Your Course Content To Your Students

It is so important that you choose an engaging and effective way to deliver your information. Your content will be consumed by a lot of different people from different walks of life, all with different learning principles. You need to do your research and try to find out the best ways you can deliver content using Thinkific. 

You can choose between including videos, written course material that they could read on their own, different activities that they can participate in, as well as, including audio content. Creating a course that has a balance of all these methods and materials will really capture the attention of the students.

This engaging method of learning will provide students with an optimum learning experience. It will also encourage students to mention your course work to other interested parties.


The Thinkific platform is one of the best online course building platforms in the world. This advanced platform is designed with a number of great features that sequentially turns the heavy task of creating, designing, marketing, selling and maintaining your online course into a more enjoyable task.

Allowing this platform to host your online course program will give you full control over your own content and your students. The platform also a guarantee that your students will enjoy the educative experience and that you will be able to build your online presence with your content.

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