Marketplace Superheroes Review: Is It Legit or Too Expensive?

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

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Are you tired of training that is out of date and does not help you achieve your goals? If so, you need to get your hands on MarketPlace SuperHeroes for high-quality training that’s fully up to date!

There is no more guesswork involved with selecting the right products when you follow MPSH.

They will show you exactly what you should be selling, how to source those products, and even filter them through the special MPSH software to find the absolute best opportunities!



Have you ever considered starting your very own FBA Amazon business?

However, you are not sure exactly where you should start.

Maybe you have already read a good deal about the folks over at MarketPlace SuperHeroes and decided to research a little further and found yourself on my MarketPlace SuperHeroes review.

I want to be honest with you and let you know that starting and running a successful Amazon business is not as easy as you may think.

In addition to knowing what to sell on Amazon, you have to learn how to sell it effectively and a bunch of other aspects.

In just the last few years, there has been a surge in Amazon FBA courses online. I went through many of these courses from simple $10 courses on Udemy to high-end master classes.

Trust me when I tell you that Marketplace Superheroes came under my radar quickly when searching for the very best Amazon FBA courses.

I watched their YouTube channel and was impressed by their simplicity, far too many YouTubers simply indulge in showing off their material goods as opposed to revealing any genuine content.

Instead of relying on sales tactics and gimmicks, they created a reliable product designed to help…imagine that!

You must be asking, though, how much are their actual courses? While their system is nowhere near as expensive as many others in the marketplace, I would not classify it as cheap.

During my Marketplace Superheroes review, I plan to answer that question and much more to help you make a well-informed decision.

Marketplace Superheroes Review: What Is It?


Marketplace Superheroes or (MPSH) is an easy to follow course designed to help you identify low competition products that can be found on Amazon and sell them for a high-profit margin.

One of the best aspects of the MPSH is that it is so much more than a traditional course; it is a complete community with essential tools designed to help you find success with Amazon FBA.

At the center of this training is Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey.

Robert Ricky is a well established digital marketer with over 20 years in the business. The experiences he has gained throughout the years have made Robert the powerhouse he is today.

However, he is quick to point out that his mistakes have also brought him to this juncture.

Unlike many digital marketers in the industry today, Robert enjoys offering a systematized approach to researching specific products to sell on Amazon, eliminating all of the guesswork associated with FBA

Through life lessons and experiences, Robert has consistently generated high volume sales on Amazon with profits averaging between 20% to 30%.

Stephen Somers may be considered the new kid on the block at least concerning Robert as he has been an online marketer for the past seven years.

Life changed considerably for Stephen once he met Robert and the two became business partners.

Stephen had spent thousands of dollars and many hours wasted trying to build a successful online business.

However, once he began working with Robert, he soon began to see things differently and was quickly able to leave the regular 9 to 5 job drudgery.

In addition to learning how to build and run a stable online business, Stephen soon found himself in the middle of his own empire built upon the millions of dollars in sales from Amazon.

Stephen is now a well-respected entrepreneur with multiple online businesses and earnings in the 7 figures.

Other members of the Marketplace Superhero team include Michael Elliot, Lisa Somers and Will Esterhuyse.

If you have desired to begin your own Amazon FBA business, this course will take you by the hand and show you everything that is working today.

I can remember starting my own FBA business in 2016 after watching a handful of videos on Youtube and thinking I was ready to take on the world!

However, being successful with Amazon FBA is much more complicated than a simple Youtube video.

You must choose the right products, analyze your competition and find the right supplier; it is the details that will get you every single time!

Sadly, some bad products on the market show you unethical shortcuts to take, such as buying reviews and choosing risky products.

In fact, there has been a general call to action on some of the products that can be found on the Amazon Marketplace which were deemed too unsafe to sell.

There is no need for concern with Marketplace Superhero as they are going to teach you how to succeed in an ethical manner and build a long term business.

Pricing Of Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes is quite different than the majority of Amazon FBA courses in the market.

The overall goal with the course is not to build a big business.

This course centers around building a lifestyle business, one in which you are able to live comfortably without the need for long hours or multiple employees.

The basis of the system is simple, it is all about finding simple products that people want without jumping on every new trend.

The goal with the program is for you to be able to obtain $300,000 per year by only selling products that are easy to manage.

For most people, $300,000 can be a truly life-altering income that allows them to live comfortably and explore new things.

Let’s examine the course in depth now:

A Deep Look Inside Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes is an in-depth 12 module online course with complete instructions on using their tools and knowledge to build a successful FBA business on Amazon.

The basic training modules are an aspect of the main MPSH course, Core 2.0 program. The course is quite complete and detailed but easy to navigate through with simple steps.

Member's Area

I’ll be honest, the member’s area can be a tad intimidating at first. There are nine specific areas, all of which include their own training.

In order to get started, you would click on the Marketplace Superheroes Core V2.

This will begin the first stage of the training and will have six modules. Each module contains four to five videos.

Make no mistake about it, and Marketplace Superheroes is a huge course that touches on every valuable aspect of running a FBA business to ensure no mistakes are made.

Additionally, all of the content is available as a written or audio transcript which allows you to consume the material how it is best for you.

Now, let’s examine each core component of the course.

MPSH Core 2.0 Program

As discussed Marketplace Superheroes Core 2.0 program offers 9 unique training sections.

Each of these sections can be rather intimidating on their own due to the size and scope of each one.

Let’s take a closer look at each one:


MPSH Core System v2 Phase 1

The initial phase discusses the basic mindset and research in a 6 module phase that covers the following: These six modules are spread out throughout 45 videos full of techniques and information.

  1. This is known as the Maketplace Mindset module.

It offers seven videos that give you a birds eye view of what you can expect in the course as well as the knowledge you are going to gain.

  1. This is known as the search phase.
9 videos are going to walk you through the process of researching products. This module will also teach you how to use the various tools to analyze specific products in addition to strategies for product research.
  1. The shortlist phase containing six videos.
This module will enlighten you on the aspect of filtering products and finding those that are high-converting.
  1. Select Phase 1
This module features five videos that go further in-depth into best product selection.
  1. Select Phase II

This brings you into the supplier stage with 7 videos as well as how to search and find the best selling products.

This module will allow you to dig deeper into specific markets and based upon your chosen products, begin to search for a supplier.

  1. The Source Phase

Offers more in-depth knowledge of sourcing a product through 11 videos.

This module will show you the exact steps you need to take to find an expert supplier as well as ordering samples and branding. This is also going to help you hone your negotiation strategies as well.

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 2

The second phase of the program is going to offer you all of the information you need on logistics in 6 modules throughout 51 videos.

  1. The Seller Central Phase

Features 68 highly detailed videos. Module 6 gives you all of the basics that are essential to starting and running a business, module 7 is going to help you fine tune those steps and give you real specifics.

Mainly, you will learn how to structure your business or restructure it if need be as well as the creation of a seller account.

  1. Purchasing and Importation
The module includes 7 videos. This module is going to teach you the inner workings of full product purchases and importation.
  1. The FBA Roadmap

The module offers 5 videos. At this point you should have a product to sell, in which case this module is going to take you for a deep dive into the FBA process.

This will help you better understand the rules, licensing and other terms that are associated with Amazon Seller Central.

  1. The Listing Optimization Phase
Features 9 videos that help to create high converting product listing pages.
  1. The Account Management Module
Offers 13 videos on how to better manage your Amazon business on a day to day basis.
  1. International Expansion
7 videos that are going to cover exactly what you need to know to move your business into an international enterprise.

The entire core program is one of the few on the market, that actually covers every essence of what you need to know about selling on Amazon.

By only taking the time to follow this 12 module course seriously, you are improving your chances for success on Amazon.

Bonus Modules

The course also features several bonus resources to those who sign up.

These bonuses will help you secure your position as a top Amazon seller.

In addition, these bonuses are going to further your knowledge about some of the more complex issues often associated with being a seller on Amazon.

These additional resources include:

Fuel Your Empire

This bonus acts as further knowledge in helping you choose and search for the best products to sell on Amazon.

No longer will you be forced to do this the hard work with no guidance, the bonus allows you to follow Stephen and Robert as they search for the perfect opportunities on Amazon.

Fuel Your Empire - God Series A

These three videos have one focus: to speed up and streamline your entire product research process.

Fuel Your Empire - God Series M

This particular 3 video set focuses on how to do correct market analysis on Amazon.

Invincible Importing

This bonus package will make you a professional at product importation.

$1K/Day Roadmap

An essential binus product that is going to show you the details to earning $1,000 per day.

30-Min Legendary Listings

This strategy will teach you the specifics of auto selling through the use of high converting pages on Amazon.

Superhero Sprint

An excellent and essential package of all of the boot camps. In addition, it contains all of the sub-sessions. The Superhero Sprint is released as an upsell by Marketplace Superheroes.

However, do not expect to see this upsell as soon as you enroll in the course. In fact, this will not show up until you are well into your training.

This type of training allows the team to follow you and see how you are progressing and growing.

Additionally, as opposed to buying the upsell straight off the bat, this allows you to begin your business and then supercharge it with this upsell.

Long-term Thinking

Critical thinking is essential in a business and this bonus is going to show you how you need to think to be a success and grow your business.

Marketplace Superheroes Strategies

The MPSH is based upon two specific strategies for selling: International Expansion and Product Selection.

Product Selection

Throughout the strategy, MPSH uses a a specific strategy for selecting products in which you will learn how to identify these types of products, filtering the products and choosing only winners from the group.

International Expansion

If you have only thought about the United States as your primary market, this strategy is going to work well for you.

Most Amazon courses will skip over this strategy, however, to build a real empire, you must think in international terms.

This information shared in this is particularly useful as it is not covered in many other courses and gives you a real advantage above the competition.

MPSH Software

In addition to all of the videos and tests that are contained in the Amazon Marketplace Superhero course, there is also a dedicated piece of software known as the 4S Product Gauntlet.

This is an extremely easy to use a browser extension that makes the process of filtering easy and shortlists all of your products in best sellers and opportunities.

The 4S Product Finder is also going to allow you to accurately cost your products and collect all of the essential details from potential suppliers.

The software gets its name from its ability to Search, Select, Shortlist and Source. These are all essential aspects in a proper product search.

The Marketplace Superheroes Facebook Community

Aside from having an extremely detailed course and software, Marketplace Superheroes has an active community of over 4,000 members.

Regardless of whether you are new to online selling or have some experience under your belt, you will have a place where you feel as though you belong with your peers.

The community is an essential aspect of the course as it holds you accountable to a degree and keeps you on track to the road to success.

While the course may seem overwhelming and challenging, the community will keep you focused and moving in the right direction.

In addition to the moral support and pep talks, the MPSH offers instantaneous feedback as well as in-depth commentary and knowledge on online selling.

The group administrators are well versed in Amazon sales and know what they are talking about.

They are there to help you in regard to something about one of the modules or practical information about selling on Amazon.

Additionally, the founders of MPSH are always trying to organize boot camps worldwide to get people together and further their learning.

Throughout the past few years, they have hosted events in the United States, Spain and Ireland.

In addition to getting further knowledge nuggets, you have the opportunity to network and gain more tactics and information.

How Is Marketplace Superheroes Different Than Amazing Selling Machine?

When searching for an Amazon FBA course, one of the more established on the market is Amazing Selling Machine.

In my opinion, it is quite possibly one of the best overall courses on the market due to its simplistic step by step approach with yearly updates.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see Amazing Selling Machine businesses getting sold online for 7 figures.

However, with this level of quality comes a relatively high price. People know the system works and they are able to offer it for an astounding $4,977!

For most people, that puts the course out of reach.

This is why Marketplace Superheroes becomes so attractive. While the training is not quite the same as Amazing Selling Machines, it is comparable and more affordable at $997.


Should I Buy Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace Superheroes was designed for individuals looking to build an online business with no experience.

If you are simply looking to build a huge business in which you can flip quickly, you may want to focus on Amazing Selling Machine.

However, if you want a lifestyle business and only have about $1,000 to spare, Marketplace Superheroes is the best course for the price and one in which you should invest in.

It is going to take you from the very beginning stages of operating your own business to the more complex aspects.

By the end of the course, you will be considered an expert in the art of Amazon FBA. If you have been dragging your feet on the start of an online business, go ahead and take the jump today.

Just know you do not have to do it alone. There is a full community and course backing you up and cheering on your success!