How to Use Unbounce

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

how to use unbounce


Unbounce is a Company that helps its customers reach their potential clients by creating landing pages that are sure to convert, it boasts of an impressive uptime via its Speed Boost feature.

When coming up with a website, we tend to use the best features to make it stand out, now, how would you feel if visitors to your website, took off after checking out one page, not so good I presume?The exit rate by your site visitors is a clear signal that your conversion funnel has holes.

A websites bounce rate is an indication that users are not satisfied, it could be caused by the loading speed, the context or site quality. Not to worry though, because Unbounce will help restore the situation. Unbounce is a Landing Page Builder that helps user’s websites convert while growing their businesses.

What is Unbounce?

This is an all in one platform which enables you to come up with functioning landing pages that can increase conversions. It simplifies things since you don’t need the services of a developer to learn how to use Unbounce. It is a drag and drop builder with a lot of support features for creating a landing page.

Unbounce is a software company that has existed since 2009. Rick Perreault, a Canadian professional, established Unbounce in 2009. Since its arrival, the company has managed to expand and gain over 15,000 customers. It has some of the biggest clients from around the world. You should use this tool to grow your business.

What does Unbounce entail?

If you have never used this software before, it can look overwhelming at first. Unbounce has a learning curve that you have to go through before you start using it. It is also full of features that simplify the process of creating a landing page. The features are well labeled to help beginners of this platform. The primary offering in this software is gaining access to the drag and drop builder. 

You can also gain access to different features depending on the specific plan you choose. Unbounce allows you to come up with a landing page without dealing with any coding complexities. It gives you the chance to include buttons, social widgets, text, and videos to captivate a broader audience. You also get the opportunity to customize every feature in different ways. 

It is a powerful tool that allows you to adjust transparency, include alt descriptions and metadata. With the lowest plan, you get over 100 templates to pick from, 8 published sticky bars and popups. Your landing pages are mobile-optimized for the sake of mobile users, and you also get to enjoy maximum security due to the incorporation of SSL encryption and 2-factor authentication. 

Apart from the standard tools, you can also enjoy access to different stats and reports. This can help you gauge the performance of your landing pages. The software also has a speed boost to help your pages load fast so that you can reduce the bounce rate. 

Benefits of Unbounce

Unbounce offers its users a competent uptime where pages load very fast, they also boast of four data centers located in different parts of the world, which ensure that their user’s speed is up to par at all times. Other benefits of using Unbounce include,

  • Real-Time Data
  • Campaign Grouping
  • Blank Pages
  • Full-Screen Backgrounds

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How to use Unbounce

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As long as you have ever used a drag and drop web builder, you should find the platform easy to manage. It works in 6 steps that we will discuss below:

1. Create a landing page by signing up for the free trial

One of the reasons why customers find this platform friendly is because of its free trial option. Make use of this so that you can log in. You should use the green button labeled “create new” for you to start. Once you have come up with a new landing page, you can select the content type you desire from options such as sticky bars and popups.

2. Choose a template

The next step is choosing a template or blank page for you to start editing. Unbounce contains numerous templates to give you different options to pick from. After you have picked your template, you can then click on the “start with the chosen template” button. You can now start editing the new landing page according to your preferences. 

3. Customize the template

Since you are now using the Unbounce builder, you can start customizing the chosen template with ease. The left-hand corner contains some icons that you can use to achieve this. Feel free to adjust the image background as you add some elements and text. Since you may not be familiar with what each icon does, you can learn more about it by hovering over it. Use your cursor to hover over an icon and read the description that pops up.

You can change the already exiting background photo by uploading your image or your company’s logo. A landing page cannot be effective without a compelling call to action. Add the necessary buttons that can help you create one so that you can guide your leads appropriately. You can also change the colors of your background accordingly.

4. Incorporate unique elements

Since you want your business to stand out from your competitors, you have to use exclusive elements on your landing page. Click on the particular item you would like to add for you to view its properties in the sidebar. If you want to make some changes on the “book now” button, you may have options such as changing the text, color, size or adding a link. 

5. Save your landing page

Once you have learned the basics of how to use Unbounce, and are content with the page, you should save it. Look for the “save” button provided. You can also adjust the page name according to your preference.

6. Integrate and publish

When you get to this stage, you should be directed to the dashboard where you can perform different functions. For instance, you can modify the URL, come up with A/B versions, or integrate the landing page with some useful programs such as marketing software.

Make use of the available support material to learn how to integrate Unbounce landing page with different tools such as MailChimp. After completing everything, the last stage is publishing the landing page.


Learning how to use Unbounce can help you enjoy the process of creating and customizing landing pages. You get not only user-friendly templates but also enjoy high security. Every small business owner should consider using this software to boost conversions online.

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