How to Track Sales Funnel

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

how to track sales funnel


Running a business is challenging when it comes to retaining loyal customers. Other entrepreneurs also have difficulty trying to convert leads into customers. If you can relate to this, then you need to learn how to track sales funnel. This is the path that every potential customer takes as soon as they visit your website to the time they decide to buy your product.

If you want to succeed in transitioning customers from the awareness stage of the sales funnel up to the last stage, you have to be serious with sales funnel tracking. This not only helps you understand your leads better but also leads to profitable results and can help your business grow. It is a critical element of managing a sales funnel.

sales funnel

The problem with some business owners is that they insert leads into a sales funnel and later fail to track their progress. This habit makes it hard for you to manage the relationship between you and your leads effectively. It is the reason why such businesses remain stagnant for years. You can prevent this by learning how to track sales funnel.

You can use different tools to track sales funnel. These help you understand what is happening in your customer base. Before we discuss the tools used to track sales funnel, learn more about its relevance.

Why is tracking sales funnel important?

tracking sales funnel

Regardless of the number of customers you have or the size of your business, tracking sales funnel can make a significant difference. It simplifies the process of managing your leads and allows you to follow up on the quotes that leads may have requested. You can track different business tasks as well as set reminders to help you achieve your business goals.

Even if you have some hot leads, the lack of tracking sales funnel can make them turn cold without you realizing it. If you don’t follow up on existing customers or support your leads down the sales funnel, they may look for help from your competitors. Since you probably have clients at various stages of your sales funnel, you need to learn to track where each client is, so that you can save time.

This can also help you manage your schedule better so that you have a chance to pursue other business opportunities. For you to nurture your leads, you have to implement the right management techniques.

Make use of different methods so that you can build trust within your prospects as you give them with a solution to their problem. Tracking sales funnel can help you maximize conversions with ease.

1. Make use of a good CRM

This is an effective tool that many successful entrepreneurs use. It enables you to manage the different stages of your sales funnel. Use this system to track your leads, view the already existing customers, or even open deals.

As you run your business, you need to cross-share CRM data between sales and marketing. This can help you track your customers right from the marketing stage of your sales funnel up the action stage.

If you are running a large business, you should consider working with a good CRM such as HubSpot Sales Pro. This comes with an impressive interface and contains different useful components that make tracking sales funnel easy. Some of them are discussed as follows:

  • Unlimited email templates- You can use this feature to send emails from templates. When you send a template, it is tracked in the CRM for you to track the click and open rates. This way, you can tell if your leads are actually opening the emails or discarding them directly to the trash section.
  • Email sequences- This feature allows you to enroll some of your contacts in a series of emails. If some of your prospects show interest in your product, start sending targets sales emails to them so that you can engage them more.

The feature also lets you edit emails accordingly as you tailor them based on the specific prospect you are handling. You can also pick the time you need each email to get to your prospects.

  • Meetings– If you want your prospects to click a link you may have included in your emails, you should make use of this feature. They can book the right meeting time from here. The feature also enables you to set team calendars or create some custom fields which you need when a lead schedules a meeting.
  • Notifications-Running a business involves numerous activities, and you may not be able to tell if a contact opens your email without tracking sales funnel. That is why Hubspot sales pro CRM notifies you when this happens. You can, therefore, know the right time to continue reaching out to your prospects.

2. Email tracking software

Today, many businesses face the challenge of trying to gain the attention of prospects. This is because potential customers receive a lot of marketing emails, sales emails, and networking emails each day. You have to make your emails stand out from the rest of the competitors so that you can gain the attention of leads.

If you want your prospects to view your mails, you have to come up with creative ways that can help you achieve this. Aim to provide maximum value in each email you send to a prospect and maintain creativity.

Email tracking software can help you track click and open rates. Ensure that you share the relevant information with your marketing and sales team. They can help you meet the specific needs of every prospect and give them viable solutions to problems.

Most of the marketing platforms include this software to help entrepreneurs track sales funnel. For instance, you can find this feature in Hubspot Sales Pro. They include an extension to your email, which can monitor every email.

By assessing the rate at which a lead opens your emails, you get the chance to make the necessary adjustments. You can also receive notifications every time your email is opened. It enables you to make the necessary follow-up with those interested in your product without delay.

3. Scheduling software

This tool can also teach you how to track sales funnel smoothly. In the past, entrepreneurs had to keep on exchanging numerous emails with their prospects when booking meetings. Scheduling meetings was time-consuming, but free tools such as Calendly have simplified this.

This scheduling tool enables you to sync directly with a prospects calendar to avoid constant sending of emails. You can also make use of Calendly to gather additional information regarding your prospect. The more details you know beforehand, the better.

4. The dialer

phone dialer

For you to understand your customers better and build lasting connections with them, you have to engage them in conversations. If you have, however, been depending on calling your list of leads one by one manually, you are wasting precious business time. You can make use of the dialer which can enhance your call volume.

This tool allows you to track call metrics such as call count and talk time so that you can accelerate communications. Through the tool, you can give your prospects and existing customers excellent support all through the sales funnel process.

It can help you reach out to a large number of customers and prospects within a limited duration. You should also monitor the number of calls you make and emails you send over a specified period. Be persistent with your call follow-up for you to see results.

5. Artificial intelligence software

If you experience difficulty trying to follow up on leads, you can benefit from this software. The lack of following up on prospects can make them lose interest in your brand and start looking for solutions elsewhere. Apart from simply conducting follow-up, you have to know proper timing to avoid putting them off.

One of the artificial intelligence software that facilitates effective follow up is SpiroHQ. This tool san syncs up with the CRM you use to give you a clear understanding of the specific prospects you should keep tabs on. It can also sync up with your email provider.

The tool can remind you when you need to follow up on your prospects. Feel free to log in to SpiroHQ from an iPhone app or desktop for you to work through follow-ups such as closing tasks, emails, and calls. The tool prioritizes the leads you call according to the available data.

It also allows you to follow up on emails via built-in templates. From time to time, you should receive motivational notifications regarding who to follow up with. This prevents you from losing some of the prospects before they make purchases.

Final thoughts

Where you operate a small scale or big business, you should not ignore tracking sales funnel. The tools we have discussed can help you increase your number of prospects and retain the already existing customers. Learning how to track sales funnel can, in turn, lead to more sales and make your business more competitive in your niche.