How to Optimize Sales Funnel

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

how to optimize sales funnel


Are you trying to convert leads into customers? You have to look for ways to optimize your sales funnel. The path to purchasing a product involves a lot of things for the marketer. Optimizing a sales funnel can help you increase sales and continue gaining new customers as you retain the already existing ones.

Research shows that most of the leads that enter a sales funnel leave without buying products. This is because some marketers do not prepare their prospects enough and compel them to make a purchase.

Regardless of how you obtain leads, you should not expect instant purchases without putting in more work. That is where optimizing a sales funnel comes in. Find out more on how to optimize sales funnel.

What is Sales Funnel Optimization?

marketing sales funnel

This refers to fine-tuning a sales funnel for you to get the highest conversion rate and retain the most number of customers. Though you cannot achieve a perfect sales funnel, your efforts can have a great impact on the decision a prospect makes in purchasing a product.

Optimizing a sales funnel can help you increase sales and leads to business growth. You need to learn different optimization techniques that you can use at various stages of a sales funnel to achieve better results.

For the newbies, a sales funnel is the journey that a potential customer takes, right from the time they gain awareness regarding your brand to when they decide to purchase your product. Each stage that is involved in a sales funnel plays a role when it comes to increasing engagement and leading to high conversion.

The stages include awareness, interest, desire, and action. You need to learn how to optimize each step of the sales funnel so that you can achieve better sales. As you do this, beware that there is a possibility of losing some prospects along the way. The right optimization techniques can, however, minimize these chances tremendously.

1. Come up with educational content

educational content

At the start of your sales funnel, you introduce your brand to your prospects. The product that you are marketing should be able to solve an issue that your target audience is trying to eliminate. Since they are looking for a solution, you have to show them that your product can help by providing sufficient educational content.

You may not be the only business to offer a solution. Since other companies also try to promote their products to the same prospects, you have to show your visitors how your brand is unique and different from the rest.

If you manage to present your brand as an expert in your niche, you can boost credibility and increase the rate of conversion. Include educational content in different forms, such as:

2. Solution-oriented articles

solution oriented articles

Your content should be able to address the specific need of potential buyers. These types of articles enable you to give different solutions to a customer’s pain point. They can help you increase engagement and drive more traffic.

3. How-to videos

video content

Feel free to share your expert opinions on a specific topic by using a how-to video. This enables you to give precise answers to certain questions and guide customers step by step.

As you record the video, do not forget to introduce your brand then explain how it can help solve a problem. With this form of content, you can create an excellent first impression for your brand.

4. Research reports

You can also show authority through research and sharing findings with your target audience. Include relevant data and statistics so that you can impress prospective buyers.

Once you have created educational content, you need to share it on different social media platforms. Focus on the platforms where most of your target audience spend their time. This can help you gain more exposure and drive high traffic. Remember to create content which appeals to everyone since you should be targeting a particular group of individuals.

When you start gaining high traffic, evaluate the engagement level. Look at things such as comments, the time people spend on your site, shares as well as the number of pages they visit. A high amount of traffic does not necessarily lead to high conversations. This means that you should not get too excited about generating traffic and forget other useful optimization techniques.

5. Create a landing page

After captivating your audience, you should now try to understand them better. Show them that your business can help them fulfill their specific goals by creating an irresistible landing page.

This page can help you access their contact information so that you can create a personal relationship with them. The landing page should be in line with the interest of your prospective buyers. This can help you raise conversion significantly.

You can also utilize your landing page to promote certain services or products to prospects who show interest in your brand. Right from the headline of your landing page, you should touch on the solution that your product can offer your audience. Make use of second-person voice so that you can speak directly to your target audience.

The landing page you come up with should also have an eye-catchy design so that you can impress individuals interested in your brand. Apart from capturing their attention, you need to include an incentive so that you can motivate them to submit their contact details.

Take some time to analyze the landing pages. For instance, you can test various headlines to determine the ones that can attract your visitors the most. Test different backgrounds that can help you increase conversion.

Determine the right font size that you should use on your landing pages to keep your site visitors on the pages for longer. You should also see the impact that different font styles have. If you are not used to creating landing pages, you can make use of tools such as Instapage or Leadpages to simplify your task.

6. Work on boosting your product pages

boost your page

You can increase the interest of your target audience by using elements that can grab their attention further. For instance, come up with great photos of your products and create captivating product descriptions.

Apart from the product pages, you should also craft some supporting content. For instance, include a mission statement on your website or create a blog post for the business. You can also provide a competitive return policy or great offers that make your business better than your rivals.

7. Present social proof

Most people buy products after seeing some form of evidence regarding the success of your brand. Social proof comes in different forms such as customer reviews, testimonials, as well as success stories of people who have used your product before. You can how to optimize sales funnel by presenting social proof to your prospective buyers.

social proof

Since not every lead customer can be convinced easily, you have to show that your brand is real and that the claims you make are true. Consider including a success story or testimonial on one of your landing pages to achieve this effect.

You can also include industry awards or customer account on your landing page to help convince customers that your brand is a reputable and reliable one. Presenting social proof can help you gain an edge over your competitors and gives your target customers valid reasons to go through the entire sales funnel.

8. Include a call to action (CTA)

call to action

Once you have managed to take your leads down the sales funnel, it is time to guide them on what they should do. Come up with a clear CTA that encourages your prospects to buy products from your company.

At this stage, they may be close to making a purchase, but the lack of a clear CTA can make them hesitate. You can encourage them to take a particular action by using specific, compelling terms such as “buy your favorite products today.”

You should also ensure that you make the CTAs visually appealing to captivate your leads. Ensure that the color you choose for the call to action contrasts with the background of your page so that you can increase visibility.

Place the CTA at a strategic location such that no visitor can fail to notice it. If for instance, you have an extensive landing page, you should avoid placing the CTA at the bottom part alone since some of the readers may not scroll to the end.

Place it in different locations so that the audience notices it with ease. You should also test various CTAs so that you can evaluate the ones that can help you drive the highest traffic to your site.


If you are looking to grow your business, you have to go beyond creating a sales funnel. The secret lies in optimizing it through the techniques that we have discussed above. Try them now and experience the difference they make. Give it enough time so that you can start seeing more conversions, engagement, and eventually, more sales.