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The choice you make when choosing a university will shape your future.

Here at eINFO we know how important choosing the right university can be. It will determine who you know (and perhaps even your future spouse!) what skills you will develop and the opportunities you can take advantage of.

Therefore choosing a university can be a crucial decision that can impact the rest of your life. That, of course, is a ton of pressure.

But just because it us an important decision doesn’t mean it’s a make or break one in your life.

You can have a happy and wonderful experience at a lot of universities, so don’t be too yourself if you’re struggling to choose an Ontario university. There are literally housands of other students who are in the same shoes as you, dragging one way and the other without really knowing which college to choose.

Choosing a University during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As if choosing a university can’t get any more difficult! Choosing a university in 2021 is different from the norm due to recent pandemics and ongoing physical distancing measures.

The University of Toronto was one of the first institutions to say that all conferences would be held online until the summer of 2021. This unfortunately is a move that many other universities are adopting for an unknown amount of time.

What this means for new university students is that some of the usual considerations may not be given so well thought out this year.

The local nightlife, social scene or technology available in conference rooms will begin to be overlooked, while career opportunities and course content will be given great consideration.

Gathering information on Universities

It is also helpful to collect more information about the different universities by means of rankings, brochures, or the Internet. But beware of the university rankings! Depending on the seriousness of the magazine of the newspaper, certain high places in the ranking may be purchased from the respective university. A ranking should therefore only serve as a guide and in no way influence a decision in one direction or another.

It is helpful to talk to people who have studied at this university or someone else. Perhaps your aunt or uncle has already attended university in a similar field of study that could be eligible for you? Then talk to the person. It can not only provide good and helpful information about the subject but also about the place of the study itself.

Take a look at costs

Please also think about any costs that may arise. In some cities, rents are much higher than in others. If you want to live and study far from home, keep in mind that any travel costs may come to you. And: Don’t just be at a university.

Because a place to study is not always guaranteed, and it would be a pity if you have to wait a semester or even a year for a new opportunity.

Look at cities

If you’ve got ready and you’ve selected some universities that could be eligible for you and your subject, go there. Look around the city and talk to students who study there. Often the respective student advisor of the seminar can also help and give you further information.

When you go to university, don’t just think about the university and the subject. Think about how you feel in the city. You may like one city right away, while in another you don’t feel good. Listen to your belly. After all, you want to not only study in this city for the next few years but also to enjoy life!

It is also important to remain realistic. In some universities, it is harder to be accepted than in others. Be optimistic, but stay realistic.

With a not so good grade, it is not only in some subjects that it is harder to get a place to study; it is often even harder to get to the university you have chosen for you. If that’s the case: don’t spoil. You can still change your place after a year or later. The main thing is first of all that you have a place at a university safe.

Get to Know Ontario’s Universities¬†

Select an Ontario university to find useful information about the university and its programs. Remember, eINFO is just a starting point for your research. The best sources of information are the universities themselves.