eINFO Has Been Acquired by Eventuring

eINFO is now part of the Eventuring family. eINFO was a guide to Ontario universities for Ontario high school students and guidance counsellors.

Eventuring strongly believes in benefits of having a university education. eINFO was acquired as we saw that there was a demand for education outside of post-secondary institutions and in to online learning.

We are strong believers that education does not end when school is finished, and that real world experience is the best teacher.

If you are looking for information on finding the right program, or choosing the right university we have resources to help you with your decision:


Find Programs

Choose what programs are right for you


Choose a university that is either close to home or far away


See a list of scholarships you can apply for to help pay for tuition

How to Apply

Applying for universities can be confusing, let this guide help.

Looking to apply for OSAP? Apply to university can be costly. The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a financial aid program that helps reduce the costs of post-secondary education. It’s worth asking to see what you can get. Click here for more information on OSAP

eINFO’s University Research Checklist

As you prepare to apply to the university, you should do extensive research on your options and track deadlines.

Note: If you are not an Ontario high school student enrolled in day courses, you should follow the application process for Canadian residents or international applicants who are not currently attending an Ontario high school.

Check out these resources to help you find the right options for you:

  • Ontario Universities Info for university and program options.
  • University websites, admission manuals, guides, vision books and calendars for more details on courses and programs.
  • The Ontario Universities Fair (OUF) in Toronto every September – the only event where you can see Ontario’s 21 universities in 1 place. Talk to students and faculty and get answers about programs, admission requirements, student life, and more.
  • Your local Ontario University Regional Fair Event this fall – Regional fairs are held at a host school in your area, and representatives from all Ontario universities are available to answer your questions.
  • Campus tours or special events that are scheduled by the universities you are interested in.
  • The 101 online app. Even before you’re ready to apply, you can browse anonymously for additional information about the program.
  • Your family, teachers, and guidance counselors. Their information and knowledge could help you make an informed decision.

Research funding options

While you are researching universities and programs, you may also want to research your funding options. In addition to university scholarships, the governments of Ontario and Canada provide financial assistance to those in need.

Decide which programs you’re interested in

Make a list of the programs you are interested in, you, and their program codes. Keep this list handy – you’ll need OUAC codes when you apply online.

Get your access code letter to your confidential app

Your school will notify you in November or early December when these letters are available. The letter will provide you with your school number, student number and temporary personal identification number (PIN), all of which are required to log in to the online application.

Apply online by January 16, 2021

Once your initial application is submitted, you can always make changes to your university’s and program’s information. Apply early to avoid delays!

Review your application and respond to offers of admission

Once your application is submitted, you can log in to your application to view your program choices, verify your academic information, make changes and respond to admission offers.

Respond to an offer of admission by June 3, 2021

The earliest date you might be required to respond to an offer of admission.

Need more help?

If you are having difficulties or have questions about the online application process, check out the FAQs and other useful information on OUAC’s 101 website from above, talk to your school guidance counselor or contact OUAC.

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