Does Kartra Integrate with Shopify?

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

does kartra integrate with shopify


Converting prospects into customers is not easy. You can, however, increase the value of the leads by implementing the power of a sales funnel. You need to come up with a well-designed funnel that can help you increase your earnings.

That is where Kartra comes in. This can transform how you run your business significantly. Does Kartra integrate with Shopify? It is possible to integrate the two if you understand the capabilities of each platform.

What is Kartra?

This is a collection of different tools that you require to operate a successful online business. All the tools are available from one platform. You can use the software application for you to grow your service.

Kartra gives you every sales and marketing tool necessary when running an online business. It can also help you build your offline organization. Genesis digital came up with the platform in 2018. Though the platform is still new, it is an efficient application that can help you construct a sales funnel.

Apart from building different types of sales funnels, you can utilize this platform to come up with webinars, squeeze pages, membership sites, and even landing pages. It gives you every tool you need to market and even sell your product online. Kartra, therefore, saves you from the extra costs of hiring expensive developers.

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Does Kartra integrate with Shopify?

Here’s a list of the features that make Kartra efficient but if you want to learn in-depth what Kartra can do for your business, be sure to check out our kartra review.

Funnel template blueprints

sales funnel meaning

Even if you are new to creating a sales funnel, Kartra has got your back. It guides you through the process of creating a sales funnel right from choosing an ideal funnel type to the point of saving the funnel. This platform offers different types of funnels in various categories, such as lead capture funnels and sales page funnels.

You can also create other unique funnels available such as membership funnels. The squeeze page funnel makes it easy for you to collect your leads’ email addresses. It then directs them to a thank you page after signing up. Every funnel available at Kartra contains a group of both free and paid templates.

This enables you to come up with funnel pages that have a professional design. Apart from that, Kartra also lets you do some few automation tricks like removing or adding tags, sending out emails or subscribing to lists.

Drag and drop editor

Customize every page of your funnel using this feature. Kartra lays out its pages in columns and rows. It gives you this feature so that you can drag some of the elements to the desired position.

Though the drag and drop editor from Kartra is not as flexible as in other platforms, you can still use to achieve any design you want. You can also edit the text elements inline. Everything is arranged logically to save your time. You don’t have to learn programming for you to create a sales funnel using Kartra.

A wide range of page elements

The wide selection of widgets gives you flexibility when it comes to designing the pages you desire. Some of the essential elements available include text, photo, button video widgets, and headline.

These form the critical elements in creating a landing page. You also get access to advanced elements like pricing tables, Facebook comments, surveys, custom HTML, and progress bars.

Feel free to customize any element from the editor sidebar. You can adjust things like margins, orientation, fonts, and background colors of the different elements.

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Does Kartra integrate with Shopify? This is a common question that many entrepreneurs ask. You can integrate the two through zapier and offers a lot of other third-party integrations. This ensures that you have a direct connection to the tools. For instance, it can integrate with PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, and Sendgrid.

If you want to send numerous emails every month, you should consider connecting to different email services such as Sendgrid and Postmark. Integrating with varying options of payment offers convenience for your customers to conduct transactions cheaply and effectively. You can also make use of the e-commerce platform that Kartra offers.

Done for you campaigns

A push of a button enables you to release different legendary projects. These campaigns occur with landing pages, emails, and squeeze pages. Before you release the projects, you only need to include your item name, images of the product as well as its price. The done for you campaigns ensure that you enjoy speed and simplicity as you use Kartra.

Sending emails

The secret to forming a bond with your leads and existing customers is by communicating with them through emails. Kartra allows you to reach out to them by sending out follow up emails from time to time. Most users find the email autoresponder of Kartra unique since it includes testimonials, material blocks, hero areas, and video thumbnails.


As you look forward to the growth of your business, you should know the challenges that come with it. For instance, managing numerous requests through your email inbox can be difficult with time.

That is where helpdesk comes in. Kartra enables you to come up with a trackable ticket system so that your customers can find answers to questions regarding your business easily.

You clients can enjoy different support options such as Skype, live chat, ticket, and phone call. Kartra also makes it easy for you to manage your staff as the business grows since it provides analytics. Feel free to create a wiki that your clients can refer to when they want answers to common questions.

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Does Kartra integrate with Shopify?

For you to understand how to integrate the two platforms, you should know how they differ. Shopify is a versatile e-commerce platform that allows you to manage your inventory from one place.

With this platform, one gets the ability to add different items to a single shopping basket. This is not possible in Kartra. Kartra allows you to do upsells and down sells without any issue. Shopify, on the other hand, comes with numerous compatible apps that make selling products online easy.

The different apps are broken down into various categories to help you do different things. This platform allows your customers to choose from various options while shopping for your products such as size and color. This is not possible in Kartra.

Though Kartra does not have all the functionalities found in Shopify, linking them together can help you enjoy all these features. You can integrate Kartra with Shopify via Zapier. This allows you to connect different platforms to automate workflows.

It can quickly move information between the two-e-commerce platforms. For instance, Kartra enables you to create memberships. If you are selling something in Shopify and would like to train customers on how to use it, you should integrate this platform with Kartra.

After creating memberships through Kartra, have your customers who have ordered via Shopify get access to the membership in Kartra. If someone buys a product in your Shopify store, you can send them numerous emails through Kartra. You can also embed the help desk software found in Kartra in Shopify when using both platforms together.

Final thoughts

If you are an entrepreneur with an already exiting audience, you can benefit from using Kartra. This brings together the various tools that can help you take your company to a higher level.

We hope this answers all your questions about whether Kartra integrate with Shopify, let us know what you think!

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