ClickFunnels Free Trial: Is There a 30-Day Trial in 2020?

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

clickfunnels free trial


Are you currently looking for a Clickfunnels free trial? Hang in there because we’re about to tell you something you’ll be excited about!

If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, Clickfunnels is a fantastic tool that you need to have on your business. Whether you’re a startup business, an online marketer, an entrepreneur, or a large company, this is that one tool you’ll need.


Because it’s great for helping you capture business leads!

* Important: Clickfunnels used to offer a 30-day free trial to all new users, but it is no longer available. Fret not; there are other ways such as this One Funnel Away Offer!

*I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

ClickFunnels Free Trial: How Can You Get It?

ClickFunnels, at the moment, is offering a 14-day free trial for all new users. This is their simple gift to new members who wanted to see if this tool is suited for their business.

Who are the ones that might benefit from a sales funnel?

  • Dentists
  • Real estate agents / realtors
  • Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • HVAC experts and specialists
  • Plumbers

Getting ClickFunnels Free Trial: Worth Your Time?

For a budding business to grow its online business, laying out plans is a crucial factor. However, to make it work and grow, it takes more than just laying out plans.

You have to consider making a website, work on your landing page, have good forms to make sure that you capture customer’s information.

While all of these may seem like a complicated thing to do, especially if this is your first time hearing about it, different systems could make the entire process simpler.

Clickfunnels can help create your detailed to-do-list into a seamless process.

From creating your sales funnels and landing pages to the creation of your follow up sequence. It will only take 1-2 hours most of the time to make all of these things happen.

The great thing about this is that you don’t need to have technical knowledge about this. So if this is your first time setting this up, or if you’re not “tech-savvy,” there’s nothing to worry about.

This is one of the best things about the free trial period ClickFunnels offers.

Play around with the platform; see if it works for you before investing in their programs and packages.

Without a doubt, this is an efficient and cost-effective way of determining whether this is something that your business would need.

ClickFunnels Free Trial is something that’s definitely worth giving a shot, especially for new businesses.

Not only that, it helps get leads, but it also helps with the seamless curation of contacts and the ability to send promotional emails to those people.

How to Get a ClickFunnels Free Trial?

get clickfunnels free trial

To welcome new members, ClickFunnels offer a 14-day free trial for all users. The platform contains different tools and services that each business can utilize differently, depending on their needs and marketing styles.

Listed below are steps on how you can take advantage of free trial, so you can test it out for yourself and see if this is something that you’re willing to add to your business needs.

  1. Visit the ClickFunnels Free Trial Page by clicking this link.
  1. Populate the form.
It is nothing fancy, the same old details that are typically found in most sign-up pages like your e-mail address, name, and payment information. Don’t worry – your card won’t be immediately charged after the trial period ends unless you wanted to continue with the subscription. The card details will only be used for verification purposes – nothing more. This is done to make sure that other people don’t abuse the system.
  1. Once you’re done with the form, you will be asked to select your plan type.

As of this writing, ClickFunnels has a Basic and Edison Suite plan. Compare both features, check which among these are needed for your business.

  1. That’s it!

You’re now a member and this also gives you eligibility for a ClickFunnels 30-day free trial.

Hover over to your dashboard to find multiple training videos to give you an idea of what to do first, and maybe answer some of the questions you have in mind.

Did you also know that completing the training also entitles you for a free t-shirt? Win!

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I Now Have A ClickFunnels Free Trial: Now What?

The free trial period doesn’t have any limitations to the paid feature. You’ll get all of the premium features based on the plan that you’ve chosen, regardless if you’re still on the free trial period, or a paid plan.

Complete the training and you will have a good idea of what you can do next and how to utilize your sales funnels using ClickFunnels.

You may even find some pre-made ClickFunnels templates to make the work a little bit easier for you.

Looking For Information? Here Are Some Templates You Can Make With ClickFunnels

Lead Capture Magnets

If you’re a business looking to improve your mailing list, a lead capture funnel is perfect for you. This is one of the most commonly used funnels in the system.

Membership Funnels

If you have a business that’s offering membership services, you can utilize this and generate a monthly recurring income for your website with paid membership options.

Survey Funnels

Depending on your goals for doing surveys, you can also create this funnel to collect survey answers – and even send them to the right offer depending on their answers.

Sales Page Funnels

Do you have a product to sell or a service to offer? This is the right funnel type for you.

Campaign Funnels

Your audience’s voice matters. You can use this funnel to capture customer feedback and understand what their requirements are so you can better plan your marketing strategies.

Webinar Funnels

Do you find yourself educating people, and webinars are included in your marketing strategies? Use this funnel to help entice people to invite and have them join your webinars.

What About The ClickFunnels 30-Day Free Trial Membership?

ClickFunnels has made numerous changes in its system and platform over the past few years, and one of these is the removal of their 30-days free trial offer.

I’ve personally been in contact with ClickFunnels to see if they bring it back. Fortunately, you’re in for a ride because I made a sweet deal with them!

If you’re looking for a 30-day free trial, you will receive it if you purchase a One Funnel Away course.

One Funnel Away is a fantastic course that will discuss all the different strategies you can use to build your online empire. This all starts with the creation of one sales funnel.

In this course, you’ll also be equipped with a workbook that lets you in and tells you the secrets of the ins and outs of connecting with your audience, based on the experience of successful brands and businesses in the industry.

There’s more – it also comes with a ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp series that will discuss how you can also earn with affiliate marketing, and how successful affiliate marketers do this using ClickFunnels.

This training course alone is more than enough for the gold information that you can find here.

All of these bonuses you can get for only $100, in addition to the 30-days ClickFunnels Free trial.

Is The 30-Days ClickFunnels Extended Trial For Real?

While it may not be offered for everyone, this deal is LEGIT, and it’s the sweetest deal that you won’t find anywhere. You’re automatically qualified for a 30-day free trial by merely getting the One Funnel Away course.

So this is given to you on top of the 14-day free trial that you’ll initially get – at no added cost.

You’re not paying for the free trial, you’ll be paying for the One Funnel Away, and the added 30 days is just a sweet gift for getting the course.

Is there a catch?

Unfortunately, this deal won’t be up forever, and it may only be available for a limited time. If you’ve been eyeing on getting ClickFunnels to help you and your business, now is the perfect time to get it!

How About A ClickFunnels 60-Day Free Trial?

If you’ve been looking around searching for a ClickFunnels 60 day trial, it may have given you an idea, does this even exist? It would have been fantastic!

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. ClickFunnel free trial comes for free on your first 14 days, and you may extend it for another 30 days, but that’s about it. I will let you know if this option has been made available.

Can I Extend My ClickFunnels Trial?

If, after 14 days, you’ve decided that you wanted to extend its usage, you can do so by going through the membership programs ClickFunnels is offering.

Another option would be using a different e-mail address, registering it with ClickFunnels to get the free 14 days once more.

However, if you do so, you can’t import the funnels you’ve already created. Honestly, this isn’t worth the time and effort you’ve gone through.

Is ClickFunnels Free Trial Worth Giving It A Shot?

The ClickFunnels trial lets you do a lot of things – from building web pages, creating amazing sales funnels that could result in successful sales campaigns.

Other than building sales funnels, the membership also comes with different templates letting you create webinar funnels, membership sites, opt-in funnels, and many others.

If you like automation, you’ll enjoy the auto-responder feature that goes with it.

You can set e-mails to be sent to predefined customers who fill up your funnel and send emails based on how your visitors navigate through your site.

ClickFunnels also comes with advanced tools that allow you to edit text and design your website.

It also comes with additional tools such as website monitoring that allows you to track customer metrics such as click rates, drop rates, traffic, etc. G

Getting a ClickFunnels trial is more than just creating a landing page. This could be your website’s holy grail in helping you produce different types of services or products for your business.

The sales funnels that come with the membership can also be adjusted based on your business needs. Choose from over 40 different templates that are easy to use.

It comes with a drag and drop feature, making designing and sales funnel creation faster and easier.

As compared to other systems, ClickFunnels doesn’t just save you money – but it also helps you save time with their easy to use features.

It has all the funnels that every online business needs to build a successful empire.

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