Amazing Selling Machine vs Marketplace Superheroes: Which One Is Better? 2020

Paul Spraggins

Paul Spraggins

amazing selling machine vs marketplace superheroes


Are you looking for a place where you can get an in-depth comparison between the Amazing Selling Machine and Marketplace Superheroes? The good news is they are some of the best Amazon FBA courses available.

I have been able to take both courses, which one of the two is the best?
Just like anything in life, it depends!

This is why I decided to make a list of 5 things you need to consider when determining the best option.

Below are the five more important things you need to put into consideration when choosing between Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) and Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH).



Amazing Selling Machine vs Marketplace Superheroes: Pricing

This is not surprising at all. If you have already seen both courses’ pricing, you know there is a $3,000 difference in pricing.

You can expect to pay $4997 for Amazing Selling Machine 12, while the Marketplace Superheroes will cost you $997.

The difference in pricing is huge and might be the most important thing to consider when choosing between the two options.

You might be wondering how there can be such a big difference in pricing between these courses.

The main reason is that ASM has been around for a long time and has name recognition, something the Marketplace Superheroes don’t have.

Marketplace Superheroes has to price itself a little lower because it is a much newer product.

The fact ASM has been around for a longer amount of time, which means they have a longer list of success stories, something Marketplace Superheroes cannot match.

When a course a lot of success stories, they can charge more because it shows the course works.

Marketplace Superheroes vs Amazing Selling Machine: Chance of High ROI

This should be at the top when making your choice, but few people look at it. When people are deciding between two courses, they immediately look at the pricing and use it to make their choice.

It is essential to look at the potential ROI you can expect to get from a course.

Although you will have to pay more for ASM compared to Marketplace Superheroes, I think you can expect to earn more from your initial investment when you get the Amazing Selling Machine when compared to MPSH.

This could be because of point number 3 below.

If you are focused and excited when going through a course, you will be able to follow the steps closely compared to taking a course that feels like a university course.

Training Experience: ASM Wins

It is important to look at the overall training experience if you are deciding between two courses.

Both of these courses are up to date on selling on Amazon, but how will they keep you focused and engaged?

I think the Amazing Selling Machine takes this round.

Amazing Selling Machine has top-notch training. There have been 12 different versions of this course, and they have been able to perfect things over the years.

When I took this course, I was able to complete the training in a couple of days.

When taking the Marketplace Superheroes, I found myself dragging my feet when going through the videos because they were long and tedious.

You might have a hard time getting through the training without losing focus unless you are very motivated.

When it comes to courses, the Amazing Selling Machine is my favorite.



Going Big or Staying Small: Tie

The big difference between these two courses is the approach they take when it comes to selling on Amazon.

The Amazing Selling Machine focuses on building a brand that will dominate the competition and make you a big player, while Marketplace Superheroes focuses on low competition products across a wide range of marketplaces.

The difference can be traced to the founders of these courses. MPSH focuses on helping you earn $200k a year while dealing with the least amount of headaches, so you can focus more on enjoying what you have worked for.

ASM is going to focus on making you an eCommerce entrepreneur with employees helping to scale the company become a million-dollar business.

To get started, you will have to choose an Amazon FBA course you think works best for you. Are you interested in making a couple of thousands of dollars a month and also have a life?

Are you interested in investing all your time and effort for the next couple of years then exit when you have a multi-million-dollar company?

The decision is going to boil down to you. You need to look at the pros and cons of each of these options.

Best Overall Value: Marketplace Superheroes


When you consider everything you can get from the courses, marketplace superheroes is the better option.

With this course, you will be getting an in-depth training course and software tools to help you choose the best products to sell.

ASM offers customers a free trial on some of their tools to help select and manage products, but you will start paying a monthly fee to get access to their tools.

MPSH offers its customers a freight forwarding service that helps in shipping products to the US on a discount. This is why I think it is hard to beat the value Marketplace Superheroes comes with.

Amazing Selling Machine vs Marketplace Superheroes Conclusion

I hope you have been able to have a better understanding of the two courses; the Marketplace Superheroes and Amazing Selling Machine.

No matter the choice you make, you won’t be disappointed if you follow the training through and apply what you learn. Both of the courses are going to make you a lot of money, don’t stress.

The above points should help you choose the best course.