Since 2016, Eventuring has been at the forefront in providing resource materials for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their online ventures. Our own journey and marketing adventures are a testament to the pain that we went through before finding any success in online ventures.

For the past years, we had been compiling reviews and case studies aimed at aiding small business owners and entrepreneurs to enhance their knowledge in digital and online marketing which in turn will guide them to grow their online ventures. We source our materials from our own experience and from experts in the field.

Our expertise is derived from the real-world experience of trial and error until we found the best methods that work. We thus, only publish guides and reviews of methodologies and software that had a proven track record of success in online marketing.

To this end, we endeavour to provide only the best articles and reviews to our customers and subscribers in the hopes of helping them achieve success in their online ventures.