Helping Small Business Owners Succeed in the Digital Age

We know how hard it is for small business owners to find success in this digital age. They have to deal with the ever-changing marketing trends and customer needs. There is a need to analyze these trends in order to formulate the right strategies.

With that, they need up to date resources that can help them. Finding the resources and get advice on how to thrive and grow their ventures proves even harder.

At Eventuring, we make these resources readily available.


Providing Online Marketing Resource for Small Business Owners

Our compilation of guides is not just a collection of write-ups. These are proven strategies used by digital marketers in the real world.

We carefully curated these resources and have vouched for their accuracy. A lot of these materials come from our own trove of case studies and we had proven their effectiveness in a real-world application.

We Are

Eventuring was borne out of the need to have a learning resource center for small business owners and digital entrepreneurs who want to grow their online ventures. Established in 2011, we started publishing case studies and journals based on our own online entrepreneurial ventures.

Fast forward to a few years, our trove of case studies and journals grow as our own online ventures thrived. We also curated various documents and guides made by other successful online entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge.

Our mission is to help small business owners succeed in the digital age in whatever online venture they will undertake by providing learning resources and materials.

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